The Welcome Project


What is "The Welcome Project"?

The aim of the project is to engage the whole Big Hill Primary School community, in particular the Indigenous students and their families. Throughout the project students will immerse themselves in rich Aboriginal culture, explore traditional art concepts, creating a collective art piece which will be titled “Womin-dji-ka”.

“Womin-dji-ka”. This simple yet heart-warming word, native to the Dja Dja Wurrung people meaning “Welcome” will be the focus of a creative mural which will greet the Big Hill community as they enter the school grounds.


Our Artists

Meet Troy and Daikota

Daikota Nelson

Daikota is a local emerging Dja Dja Wurrung Artist who will be working collaboratively with Troy Firebrace to inspire our students throughout this art project. Daikota has worked locally with a local Primary School as well as with local communities groups, designing and creating community inspired artwork.

Troy Firebrace

Troy’s enthusiasm towards his art is inspiring and this shows in his unique and creative designs. His motivation is to bring modernism into Aboriginal Art and to share his skills with a variety of different people.

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Day 8 Culture (Imagination)

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The focus of today’s lesson was culture. The students enjoyed listening to various animal sounds from the didgeridoo today. Their first activity was to close their eyes and feel the vibrations and sounds the didgeridoo makes. Troy then encouraged the students to see if they could guess the different animal sounds he was making. The students listened to a story through music as Troy explained that when a didgeridoo is played it is usually to tell a story.

The second half of this lesson, allowed the students to begin the painting process on the wall outside the main entrance of our school (The priming process). The students enjoyed getting their hands dirty (Literally, I made sure all hands were washed after the lesson J) and were overjoyed to be putting some paint on the outside wall. Over the next few weeks when you pass through our main building you will begin to see the transformation of the brick wall. Let us know what you think.

Below are some of the animal noises that the students visualised whilst listening to the didgeridoo.

Kohen S – Snake, lion, tiger, cheetah, sea lion.

Mia S – Barking dog in the forest

Mia A – The sound reminded her of small shrubs/bush on the banks of a river.

Taj A – A person standing on a cliff, falling down into the river but surviving.

Marcus B – A dog spots an older man carving a didgeridoo with a rock in the bush.

Destinee – A girl is sitting on a log, listening to another person play the didgeridoo.

Mia T – A kangaroo hiding in the bush.

Calae – A fox hunting, sniffing in circles in the middle of two trees.

Harper – A galloping horse that is rearing.

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