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Day 2. Yarn Circle

Today the students enjoyed a rich discussion with Troy about things they like. A group discussion took place about “How do we feel welcomed into someone’s family”? Troy talked about the importance of smoking ceremonies and linked this to a sense of cleansing and a welcoming.

Students discussed their thoughts about what a tribe is. They were surprised to learn that there are over 300 tribes throughout Australia. They even had an opportunity to explore a map of Victoria, which created a visual of all the different tribes throughout this area. Students talked about languages that are used by different tribes. They then posed thoughtful questions about how they believed different tribes would communicate if they all spoke different languages. There were many impressive and creative responses. Some students thought they would use body language in particular hand gestures others thought drawing or paintings.

Troy posed a question to the students asking “What do they see on land?” Some of the responses were trees, Murray River, grasses, reeds, rocks and sticks. They were then encouraged to think about how Indigenous Art is created. Some of the students thought crushed or grinding rocks and water or berries could be used to create paint, others thought clay or mud.

Students also explored the importance of memory, each student took turns to share a special memory. Troy then talked about how memories can assist and inspire us in many different ways particularly though art.

The group also spent a few minutes thinking and discussing ideas they have for the overall art mural.

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