The Welcome Project


What is "The Welcome Project"?

The aim of the project is to engage the whole Big Hill Primary School community, in particular the Indigenous students and their families. Throughout the project students will immerse themselves in rich Aboriginal culture, explore traditional art concepts, creating a collective art piece which will be titled “Womin-dji-ka”.

“Womin-dji-ka”. This simple yet heart-warming word, native to the Dja Dja Wurrung people meaning “Welcome” will be the focus of a creative mural which will greet the Big Hill community as they enter the school grounds.


Our Artists

Meet Troy and Daikota

Daikota Nelson

Daikota is a local emerging Dja Dja Wurrung Artist who will be working collaboratively with Troy Firebrace to inspire our students throughout this art project. Daikota has worked locally with a local Primary School as well as with local communities groups, designing and creating community inspired artwork.

Troy Firebrace

Troy’s enthusiasm towards his art is inspiring and this shows in his unique and creative designs. His motivation is to bring modernism into Aboriginal Art and to share his skills with a variety of different people.

Troy and Daikota Headshots.jpg

Day 16 - Pencil Draft

Today some students continued to pencil in their designs onto their letters, whilst others were ready to begin the painting process. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 15 - Letter Design

Daikota worked with the students today designing different borders for their letters. They talked about how they could incorporate different designs that would make an effective border and the te chnique they could use. They began to sketch their designs onto their letters. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 14 - Letter Priming

"Yay" our letters have arrived and they look fantastic. Each students received their letter and they learnt about the priming process. The purpose of priming is to ensure that the artwork that the students paint sticks to the letters. This is a delicate process that needs to be done correctly. Every student ensured that they were very careful, using patience, and the correct painting strokes. Photos to come. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 13 - Draft Contined...

Today the students continued to draft their designs with the assistance of Daikota. They honed their skills and worked out how they wanted their designs to represent them on their letters. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 12 - Drafting Cont....

Well today the letters arrived. After a few hiccups along the way, we now have the actual letters that the students will be painting on. They still need just a few little touch ups before the students start painting on them, but it was a great opportunity for each student to see their letter which created a buzz in the room. Students finalised their drafts today in preparation for painting to commence next week. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 11 - Drafting Begins

Today the students began drafting their story on their actual size letter. They were encouraged to use what they have learnt during their past lessons within their letters. Each letter will be divided into 4 sections. Each section will have a specific focus Story Telling, Inspiration, Culture and Identity. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 10 - Identity

Today the students explored identity. They had the opportunity to have family members visit during the session to share personal stories with their child. Daikota and Troy also shared painting techniques with the students which they practiced throughout the lesson. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 9 - Invitations

Today the students worked on creating an invitation to welcome a special person to our school who can share their stories which will help support their child's/children's understanding about their own culture. So look out for the invitation which they took home last Friday. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 8 Culture (Imagination)

The focus of today’s lesson was culture. The students enjoyed listening to various animal sounds from the didgeridoo today. Their first activity was to close their eyes and feel the vibrations and sounds the didgeridoo makes. Troy then encouraged the students to see if they could guess the different animal sounds he was making. The students listened to a story through music as Troy explained that when a didgeridoo is played it is usually to tell a story. The second half of th

Day 7. Inspiration

Today the students worked on inspiration. Troy, Pam and Lauren took the students outside to explore how we can be inspired by the things from nature. Items collected included, leaves, flowers, bark, sticks, pine cones. Students then studied the patterns present on these items. They were then encouraged to trace the observed patterns onto their hand print. Some students attempted to add details to their work like indentation. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 6. Stories

There are many types of stories in Aboriginal culture. Creation stories for example: rainbow serpent, Bunjil and Waa. Stories help us to share our beliefs about land and family, usually these stories will have a moral or an important meaning or message behind it. The students heard the story of the Rainbow Serpent, told by Troy. Students spent some time creating their own stories, they were encouraged to use pictures, symbols, patterns. Here are some of the following stories:

Day 5. Letter Selection and Design

Today, student’s selected the letter that they wanted to design and decorate for our sign. They then began to work on how they wanted to present this letter, they started by creating their letter in 3D, they then put some of their favourite things inside. They were encouraged to think about what is important to them, what they would like to see, to feel welcomed and how this can be represented through art. This process is within the draft phase of the project. They explored u

Day 4. Exploring Fonts

Today students learnt about different fronts and the impact they have. With assistance from Troy and Daikota the students explored different styles of writing including graffiti writing, 3D writing and bubble writing. The students also started to explore with letter sizing. All the students were encouraged to be creative and think about the different colours, pattern and pictures they would like to use to decorate their writing. Here are some responses from students during to

Day 3. Using Symbols To Tell Stories

Today Troy shared symbols with the children and had them guess the meanings. The students talked about the different ways animals and people travel and how this can be represented by way of using symbols. Troy told a personal story using the symbols as key points to his story and then the children attempted to use the symbols to tell their own stories. They enjoyed being able to create stories using these symbols rather than their words. #publish #steps #checklist

Day 2. Yarn Circle

Today the students enjoyed a rich discussion with Troy about things they like. A group discussion took place about “How do we feel welcomed into someone’s family”? Troy talked about the importance of smoking ceremonies and linked this to a sense of cleansing and a welcoming. Students discussed their thoughts about what a tribe is. They were surprised to learn that there are over 300 tribes throughout Australia. They even had an opportunity to explore a map of Victoria, which

Day 1. Meeting The Artist's

Today the students involved in "The Welcome Project" were introduced to Troy Firebrace and Daikota Nelson, the artists who will be working with the student’s on this project. They spent the first session finding out a little bit about the artists and their backgrounds. The students were able to learn a little bit about what the next few months would entail and how they would be apart of the project. Each student took turns to share what they as individuals were looking forwar


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