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Day 6. Stories

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

There are many types of stories in Aboriginal culture. Creation stories for example: rainbow serpent, Bunjil and Waa. Stories help us to share our beliefs about land and family, usually these stories will have a moral or an important meaning or message behind it. The students heard the story of the Rainbow Serpent, told by Troy.

Students spent some time creating their own stories, they were encouraged to use pictures, symbols, patterns.

Here are some of the following stories:

There were joined rocks in a cliff, an earthquake came and the rocks split apart revealing a large gush of water, creating a waterfall. Kohen S

A rainbow snake trying to catch an old lady, who is dragging a stick along the ground. The stick is making lots of noise which is making the snake made. The path that is created by the snakes tracks are deep, so when it rains, it fills up and becomes a river. Tellium and Marcus

Mia and Bella chose to create a story which included themselves, they climb snow capped mountains, when they reached the summit they symbolise their adventure and success by erecting an Aboriginal flag at the top.

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